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Global Pop & Redirect programmatic monetization

PeakAdx is a traffic Pop Ad Exchange maximizing ad revenue for Pops and Redirect publishers. Advertisers compete in real-time for your pop up, pop under, interstitial, new tab or redirect inventory, which yields higher eCPM. By offering your traffic on PeakAdx, you get better monetization of each of your impressions.

We maximize publishers’ profits

strongest eCPM

The strongest eCPM

Thousands of direct advertisers and DSPs real-time bid for your inventory. Each impression is maximized. Your eCPM explodes!

Maximum Coverage

Maximum Coverage

Your inventory is global. So is our monetization: 100% fill rate. Cross-device. Web and in-app traffic.

Full-screen formats

Full-screen formats (pop up, pop under, interstitial, new tab)

We monetize any on-click or redirect impression with pop up/under, interstitial, new tab.

simple integration with a simple link or a Java Script ad tag

Simple integration

Implement our solution through a simple link or a Java Script ad tag. Define your min CPM, frequency setup and GO LIVE!

real time statistics

Real-time statistics

Monitor your traffic and your earnings in real-time thanks to our LIVE dashboard. Reports by tag, country and subid.

on time payments

On time payments

Receive your payments on a regular basis via Paypal or WireTransfer.

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